ماكنة اسبرسو وكباتشينو 2 عين  Aurellia II

4,650.00 د.ا

ماكنة اسبرسو وكباتشينو 2 عين  Aurellia II

Aurellia II 2 group espresso and coffee machine 

متاح للحجز (طلب مسبق)

ماكنة اسبرسو وكباتشينو 2 عين

مزوده بذراع للبخار عدد 2

تنك حجم كبير سعة 14 لتر

 مبادل حراري كبير سعة 1.5 لتر

مؤشر ضغط بويلر مزدوج مع مضخه ضغط

المسافه بين مخرج القهوه وصينية الاحتواء هو 5 انش

مخرج للماء الساخن اقتصادي المزج

برمجة حجم الجرعه حسب المطلوب

القياس ( انش) : ارتفاع 23*عرض 33* عمق 23

القوه 4500 واط

380 فولت / 3 فاز

موديل : Aurellia II

نوع : Nuova Simonelli

المنشأ : ايطاليا

Aurellia II 2 group espresso and coffee machine 

The Aurelia by Nuova Simonelli is recognized as one of the best-performing espresso machines to hit the market in recent years. Aurelia combines beauty, durability, functionality, ergonomics, and versatility all in one machine. Not to mention with its thermally compensated soft-infusion design, it delivers great-tasting espresso shot after shot and at a very affordable price.

Nuova Simonelli has always quested to be on the cusp of new technology and design and delivering the most advanced brewing technology at the most affordable prices. Thus, they made the newly created Aurelia II. It retains some of the original’s features while adding on a few more, including a deluxe lighting system and a beautiful metal and mirror finish.

2 Push-pull steam wands

Large boilers : 14 Ltr

Large heat exchanger (1.5 liter)

Dual gauges boiler pressure and pump pressure

5 inch clearance from the drip tray to the portafilter spout

Hot water spigot with built-in economizer (Mixes fresh water with water from boiler)

Built in volumetric pump

Double soft pre-infusion (SIS)

Deluxe light kit

Available in 2 groups tall

Available in Black

Ergonomic certified

CSA electrical & sanitation

NSF standard 4

Power : 4500 watt

380 volt / 3 phase

Dim. (Inch) : H23xW33xD23

Brand : Nuova Simonelli

Origin : Italy



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