جهاز تدخين الطعام / طقم

السعر الأصلي هو: 100.00 د.ا.السعر الحالي هو: 73.00 د.ا.

  • جهاز تدخين الطعام :

  • فرد تدخين متحرك
  • يعمل بالتدخين بالخشب
  • مزود بثلاث نكهات خشب تدخين مختلفه
  • مزود بغطاء صحن مقبب و اخر سطح
  • نوع BORUIT

صناعه صينيه

  • Food kitchen smoker infuser :

  • Portable smoking gun
  • Wood smoker
  • Complete with 3 wood flavor canisters
  • Supplied with holed dish cover dome and flat
  • Brand : BORUIT
  • Helps infuse smoky flavours into meats, sea food, cheese, drinks etc.

    * Great smoked food made simple!

    * Delivers precision’ Smoke house style’ results.

    * Designed to use virtually all classic smokehouse woods like hickory, cherry, mesquite, etc.

    * Compact infusion system: uses natural wood chips.

    * Convenient, Battery operated – No Mess, No stress!

    * The heat is contained in the anodized aluminium chamber resulting in cool smoke.

    * Gentle enough for use on fruits and vegetables without changing texture or temperature.

    * Compact and lightweight enough to be used with only one hand.

    * Removable smoking chamber has a built-in filter.

    * Can also be used to add flavour with teas or spices

China made

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