حاوية بلاستك 120 ليتر  مع غطاء

السعر الأصلي هو: 35.00 د.ا.السعر الحالي هو: 28.00 د.ا.

حاوية بلاستك 120 ليتر  مع غطاء

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  • Capacity : 120 ltr
  • On two wheels
  • With upper cover
  • With pushing hand
  • dim : L570*W475*H950
  • An integrated plastic structure(100% HDPE).
  • The special structural design, and compression type garbage truck form a complete set of automatic dump.
  • High impact resistant polyethylene injection molding, high strength, long life, corrosion resistance,impact resistance, without nails ,without thorns, non-toxic tasteless, easy washing disinfection, not rot, no pollution, economy, environmental protection, convenience and health.
  • Enclosed with cover structure, avoid junk Spills.
  • With lids, prevents odor distribute, water intrusion, mosquitoes breed.
  • Bottom strengthen in particular, is not easy to collapse, deformation and wear, prolong the service life of products.
  • Equipped with plastic handle and castor, easy to operate, mobile and flexible .
  • Heat resistance, anti-freezing and corrosion protection chemicals.
  • Melting temperature of the materials used stands not lower than 120℃, the auto-ignition temperature not less than 350℃, softening temperature not lower than 110 ℃, low temperature resistant to minus 20-30℃
  • China made
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