حقنة / ابرة تتبيل الطعام بلاستيك 1.5 اونس

حقنة تتبيل الطعام

– التيوب مصنع من البلاستيك الغذائي

– تتسع ل 1.5 اونس

– سهلة التنظيف

– صناعه صينيه

Food marinating injector

– Environmentally friendly and safety silicone,non-toxic and safe.

– Easy to clean and easily storage.

– You can not only baste your meats with baster, but also attach basting brush to the baster to dispense sauces.

– Basting is used to keep meats moist during the cooking process and also to apply or enhance flavor.

-This tool creates powerful suction to retrieve succulent juices from the pan, melted butter, a marinade, or other sauces you want drizzled over the meat.

– China made

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