حقنة / ابرة تتبيل الطعام ستانلس ستيل 1.5 اونس

حقنة تتبيل الطعام

– التيوب مصنع من الستانلس ستيل الغذائي

– تتسع ل 1.5 اونس

– سهلة التنظيف

– صناعه صينيه

Food marinating injector

– Stainless steel tube

– Great for kitchens with limited storage space, this dual-use baster and injector lets you marinate meat when the needle is attached, then you can use it as a standard baster with the needle removed.

– This holds 1 1/2 ounces and refills easily by squeezing and releasing the bulb. If you know how to use a standard baster, you’ll have no problem using this to marinate.

– While this isn’t as efficient as stand-along injectors, it works well for occasional use.

-The needle can be stored inside the baster when not in use.

– China made

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