حماصة الخبز باور من امجوي- UET-292, ابيض

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حماصة الخبز باور من امجوي- UET-292, ابيض

مصنوعة من البلاستيك الابيض
موديل : UET-292

Emjoi Power Toaster, 2 Slots, 750 Watt, White – UET-292

2 slice toaster browns your bread evenly in less time. This power toaster runs on a superb 750 Watt motor. Make your sandwiches crispier by toasting them in the Emjoi UET-292 Power Toaster. It runs on a 750 Watt motor, which quickens the toasting process, giving you a perfectly crunchy taste. It has many functions that help you use it efficiently. This toaster is created using the sturdy plastic. It also makes it light in weight, letting you handle and move it comfortably. This machine can prepare two slices of bread at once.

Get That Satisfying Crunch

In keeping with the busy and quick times, this power toaster uses a 750 Watt motor to deliver a super fast performance. Use it to enjoy crispy toasts and sandwiches whenever your tongue craves it from the comfort of your home. You can adjust its temperature settings to get your desired crispiness. It is capable of preparing two slices of bread together.

A Perfect Addition To Your Modern Kitchen

Bringing this electric toaster means bringing convenience to your kitchen. It is made using plastic, which is a very durable and lightweight material. It makes using and handling the machine super easy. Its crumb tray is removable, allowing you to clean it effortlessly. You can store this 2 slice toaster compactly after use by wrapping its power cord inside it.

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