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حماصة توستر / شركة Emjoi

موديل : UET-291

الجسم الخارجي ستانلس ستيل

قياس : 30.8*19.3*18.4 سم


Emjoi Power steel Toaster 930w – UET-291

  • Emjoi Toaster features a compact and user oriented design. You can use this electric toaster to reheat and defrost too. With Emjoi UET 291 Toaster lets you toast, defrost, and reheat with ease. It blends functionality and practicality to render near perfect toasting cycles. Sporting a silver body of stainless steel, the ergonomic build of this electric toaster is stylish in appearance and will augment to the sophistication of your kitchen. It offers excellent toasting control with easily accessible controls. The 930W power output of this Emjoi toaster ensures your bread slices are toasted to perfection quickly and efficiently. Capable of toasting two slices simultaneously, the Emjoi UET 291 toaster lets you fix breakfast or snacks within minutes.
  • Toasts the Way You Like
  • This Emjoi toaster features various control modes and functions to ensure excellent control over its toasting cycles. You can get desired toasting results with the help of variable browning control, which lets you make your toasts just the way you like.
  • Highly Convenient
  • This Emjoi toaster features a defrost and reheat functions for toasting frozen bread slices or reheat them for quick warming. You can stop the toasting cycle with the cancel button to get tailored toasting results. Bearing a compact body, the build of this electric toaster demands less space on your kitchen platform and lets you store it away easily when not in use.
  • Technical Details
  • Brand: Emjoi
  • Model Number: UET-291
  • Color: Silver
  • Package Dimensions: 30.8 x 19.6 x 18.4 cm; 1.62 Kilograms
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Weight: 1.62 kg
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