خزانة حفظ و تعقيم السكاكين ستانلس ستيل

225.00 د.ا

خزانة حفظ و تعقيم السكاكين

الجسم مصنع من الستانلس ستيل

مزود باشعة التعقيم البنفسجيه

غطاء امامي شفاف

القياس53*13*65 سم

تتسع لعدد  15    سكين

تعمل بالكهرباء 220 فولت / 50 سايكل

صناعه صينيه


  • Body made of stainless steel
  • Supplied with UV lamp
  • Clear front cover
  • On/off switch
  • The cabinets are equipped with germicidal mercury vapour tube that emits ultraviolet radiation of a wavelength between 250 and 260 nanometres.

    These radiations carry out photochemical sterilization against microbes, viruses, bacteria and mould. Sterilization is produced directly by the effect of UV radiation which modifies the chemical structure of the particles constituting the living cells, leaving them unable to reproduce.

    Made of 18/10 stainless steel with doors in smoked plexiglass, closed by a magnet and a device to deactivate the UV rays on opening the door.

    The knives are arranged vertically along the magnetic bar or grid. Operation is governed by an electric timer adjustable from 0 to 2 hours (recommended minimum 1.30 hours). 2-metre cable with plug.

  • Motor power in Watt 15
  • 220 Votl / 50 Hz
  • China made
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