خفاقة مع عجانه حلويات صناعيه 10 ليتر

490.00 د.ا

خفاقة مع عجانه حلويات صناعيه

سعة 10 لتر

مزوده بمضرب سلك و كف للخفق و شوكة عجين

الطنجره مصنعه من الستانلس ستيل

القياس  43*42*69     سم

ازاله يدويه للطنجره

صناعه صينيه


  • Multi speed
  • Capacity : 10 Ltr
  • Supplied with wire whisk, beater and hook
  • Stainless steel pot food grade
  • Highly efficient, compact & space saving
    Reliable & efficient operation
    Attractive & easy to clean
    Finished in metallic gray
    Stainless Steel bowl, beater, hook, and wire whip included
    Safety netting cover devices
    A sturdy hand lever on the body column raises and lowers the bowl as well as locking in place
    at the top and bottom positions
    Grease packed lubrication
    Bowl Capacity (Litres): 10
    Voltage/Phase (V/Ph): 220-240 / 1
    Frequency (Hz): 50
    Input Power (W): 600
    Speed (R/min): (Whisk) 480 (Beater) 244 (Hook) 148
    Max Dough Capacity (Kg): 2.5*
    Machine Dimension (mm): 430 x 420 x 690
    Weight (Kg): 62
  • Manual lifting
  • China made
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