طقم قالب تارت عميق 4 قطع

2.00 د.ا

طقم قالب تارت عميق

– مكون من 4 قطع

– قياس 7.5*7.5*2 سم

– مصنوع من العدن المجلفن

– صناعه صينيه

Right Products Aluminium Cup Cake Tart Mould for Oven (4 pcs) 7.5 x 7.5 x 2 cm

Microwave oven freezer steamer safe cupcake reusable moulds baking cups muffin mould.

Made of food-grade Aluminium, the reusable baking cups resist stains and odors, and they hold up beautifully over time.

Paper doesn’t always peel away gracefully from baked goods.

The reusable baking cups offer exceptional versatility in the kitchen.

Washable And Re-Usable Moulds.

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