ماكنة صنع القهوة اسبرسو White Eagle VA358 

ماكنة صنع القهوة اسبرسو White Eagle VA358

Victoria Arduino VA358 White Eagle Espresso Machine

The White Eagle professional coffee machine comes in several versions. It is the top of the market, with technology that guarantees precision and the ability to control every parameter. It has been designed to meet all the requirements of professional baristas! The perfect coffee solution for your café!

Proven reliability with three levers

The first highlight of this coffee machine is the possibility of raised coffee heads, where it allows the use of different cup sizes for coffee drinks. On top of that, the coffee maker is made using eco-friendly processes that are used all over the world.

Sustainability and quality

The White Eagle coffee maker is made from high quality steel and aluminium. All controls are designed for the highest functionality. The developed service concept of this coffee machine guarantees a more comfortable working environment for the barista. Ongreening is the group to which White Eagle belongs and looks back to sustainability and the environment with its production.

Temperature is a fundamental point

The quality of the espresso prepared is greatly influenced by the temperature setting. Victoria Arduino’s development involved baristas and the T3 system was created. Thanks to this innovation, it is possible to influence the temperature of the water for coffee extraction. It guarantees complete control of the thermal accuracy when dispensing water. T3 controls temperature, pressure and PID and allows the barista to have complete control over the preparation of delicious espresso.

Whisking milk is a joy

The always cool Cool Touch nozzle when whisking milk makes it safer for the barista. White Eagle can be retrofitted with Easy Cream Technology, which allows milk frothing according to preference. Many cafés enjoy using it as it can always prepare the whipped milk to your liking.

Simplicity in a White Eagle coffee machine

The coffee machine has a TFT display installed It conveys all the necessary information about the coffee machine and espresso preparation. The display guarantees more comfortable work and is also used to start the automatic cleaning of the coffee machine. All the operation of the coffee machine is clear and simple.

Automatic cleaning Yes
Colour Black
Boiler Multi boiler
Cappuccino in one squeeze No
Pump Rotary
Dosage Configurable
Daily capacity of the coffee machine 350
To Confectionery, Espresso bar, Hotel, Cafes, Restaurant
Functions of the coffee machine Automatic shutdown, Automatic cleaning system, Display, Touch screen display, Two cups at a time, LED lighting, Manometer, Cup heating, Water quantity setting, Temperature setting, Pressure setting, PID, Coffee counter, Programmable buttons, Timer – Stopwatch
Coffee machine head Saturated head
Boiler material Copper
Coffee bean grinder No
Voltage 380V
Number of boilers 3
Number of heads 2-lever
Power input (W) 7600
Prepared drinks Americano, Caffè latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Hot water for tea, Lungo, Warm milk
Tag Italian, Quality, Premium
Pressure (bar) 9
Boiler size (l) 17
Size of espresso boiler (l) 0,8
Basic functions Steam nozzle
Source of water Direct water supply

Italy made

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