مطحنة بن اسبرسو  Rocky SD Black

410.00 د.ا

متاح للحجز (طلب مسبق)

مطحنة بن اسبرسو Rocky

القياس : 11.75*24.5*35 سم

التغذية : 230 v

موديل : Rocky

صناعة شركة Rancilio

منشأ ايطالي

Rancilio Rocky SD Black Coffee Grinder

It covers a full range of grinds from fine to coarse, from Espresso to French Press.

I wouldn’t say that the coarse grind is its strong point though.

It’s passable as a French Press grind but really the Rocky excels in the medium to fine to ultra-fine grinds; filter-drip, vacuum pot, espresso.

Be aware that new Rocky mills are tested at the factory, and you might see a little grind residue on the burrs or in the doser. That is a good thing!


Take a look at this issue of our Tiny Joy newsletter that compared the Rocky against a hand grinder and an electric blade grinder.

Manufacturer Rancilio
Width 4.7 inches
Depth 9.8 inches
Height 14.0 inches
Volts 120V
RPM of Burrs 1725 RPM
Case Material Stainless Steel
Bean Hopper Capacity 8 oz
Dosing Options Doser or Doserless Versions Available
Adjustment Configuration Stepped – Macro Settings Only
Grinder Style Burr – Flat Steel
Burr Diameter 50mm
Material Metal and Plastic

  • 1 year warranty
Manufacturer: Rancilio
Origin : Italy
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