مكنة اغلاق الاكياس بالشريط اللاصق  

14.00 د.ا

مكنة اغلاق الاكياس بالشريط اللاصق

الجسم مطلي معدني

مسننات بلاستيكيه

مزوده بشفرة قطع ستانلس ستيل

صناعه صينيه



– With sticker roll tape

– Supplied with cutting blade

– Metal painted body

– Plastic wheels

Tape bag sealer applies an adhesive tape flag seal to the top of most plastic bags.

Made of steel and hi-impact plastic.

Has side bag trimmer.

Perfect for bakeries, confectionery, meat packers, food products, industrial, and packaging.

Can be mounted to work surface.

Economical per closure cost and easy to use.

Seals bags up to 3/8 inch in diameter.

– China made

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