مكنة تذويب و تسخين شوكولاته 3 ضاغطات

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مكنة تذويب شوكولاته

مع ضاغطات عدد 3

مع مفتاح تشغيل

مع تايمر

تسخين كهربائي

صناعه صينيه


– Made of stainless steel food grade

– On/Off switch

– With timer

the base with drop-in bottle holder is perfect for holding warm syrups and sauces customers can drizzle over ice cream, fried snacks, and pancakes.

This base can hold three 16-ounce, high-density squeeze bottles.

Compact size and simple controls make it easy to warm fruit syrups, chocolate, and caramel to appropriate serving temperatures.

The all-stainless-steel construction promotes durability and makes cleaning hassle free.

For reliable heating and holding, the holder has a 500-watt heating element.

The adjustable, pre-calibrated thermostat creates accurate heat control by sensing the temperature of the water bath and turns the heating element on and off as needed.

The drop-in holder is easily removed for cleaning.

The Server Products base with a drop-in bottle holder has a water fill line to prevent overflow

– Three plastic dispensers

– Electric heating

– China made

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