ملقط الشيف – المعقوف ستانلس 21 سم

8.00 د.ا

  • ملقط الشيف المعقوف

  • مصنوع من ستانلس ستيل غذائي
  • موديل زاويه
  • طول 21 سم
  • ملقط ديكور للطعام

صناعه صينيه

  • Angled chef tong :

  • Made of stainless steel food grade
  • Angled type
  • Length is 21 cm
  • Decorating tong
  • Perfect for plating, garnishing, tasting and a host other uses in a busy kitchen. Our highly creative customers are continuously inspiring us with their personal stories about their own novel uses for our expert kitchen tools; whether it is balancing an oh-so-delicate chocolate garnish on a dessert, getting capers out of those awkward thin jars, or plucking a single strand of linguine out of the pot to test.

    Material: AISI 410 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

    Weight: 34g / 1.2oz

    Shape: Offset

    Handle Tension: Medium

    Pincer Style: Regular w/ serrated tip

China made

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