منظف ابريق المطحنة القهوة من بولي – تركيبة صحية – 200 مل

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منظف مطحنة القهوة من بولي – 200 مل

PULY Coffee Grinder Hopper Cleaner – GREEN FORMULA – 200 mL

Maintain the quality of your espresso by keeping your grinder clean and hygienic.

Coffee beans leave behind coffee oil – over time this old coffee oil goes stale and rancid making your fresh coffee beans taste terrible.

Regular cleaning of your coffee hopper helps to eliminte stale coffee flavours.

PULY Hopper cleaner is a specially formulated spray cleaner designed to clean your coffee hopper. Use

 tasting clean and fresh by elminiating stale coffee oils in your grinder.

Ideal for professional, office, and home use – we use this ourselves.

Fast and easy to use. Non-foaming formula doesnt leave residue or odours – requires no rinsing.

For professionals this is ideal for cafes, pubs, restaurants, fast food, offices, and hospitality situations where you need to keep your coffee grinders in mint condition.

Use weekly in professional and office environments

Use monthly at home.


– Stainless Steel

– Plastic

– Glass

– Chrome


– 200 mL

– HACCP compliant

– Made from naturally occuring ingredients

– Made in Italy


– Remove solid residues

– Spray the product on to clean cloth and wipe down the surface until clean and dry

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