موس جيب سويسري نوع فكتورانوكس 0.6203

14.50 د.ا

موس جيب سويسري نوع فكتورانوكس 0.6203

VICTORINOX Small Pocket Knife with Scissors 0.6203

موس جيب سويسري نوع فكتورانوكس

سهل الحمل في الجيب

صغير ومتعدد الوظائف – 7 وظائف

يحتوي على مقص ، مبرد اظافر ، سكين، ملقط ، نكاشه ، علاقة مفاتيح ، منظف اظافر

موديل : 0.6203

نوع  Victorinox

صناعه سويسريه

VICTORINOX Small Pocket Knife with Scissors

It all started with the Swiss Officer’s Knife – and more than a century later, the Swiss Army Knife is still an icon of sleek functionality. Each one is built to last a lifetime and in the Classic you’ll find all the functionality you need for your everyday adventures – in a package you’ll want to keep with you always. It’s the easiest lifetime commitment you’ll ever make.

Tools :

Sissors, Nail cleaner, small knife, tweezer, key holder, nail file,toothpick

Key features :

The compact tool for a pre-meeting manicure or trimming loose threads

Swiss made pocket knife with 7 functions

Includes scissors and a nail file with nail cleaner


  1. small blade
  2. scissors
  3. nail file
  4. nail cleaner
  1. key ring
  2. toothpick
  3. tweezers


Height 9 mm

Net weight 21 g

Item number       0.6203


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