موس جيب سويسري نوع فكتورانوكس 0.8331

41.00 د.ا

موس جيب سويسري نوع فكتورانوكس

كود 0.8331

موديل : Hunter XP Grip

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نوع  Victorinox

صناعه سويسريه

  • Swiss army knife – Knife Victorinox HUNTER XS :

  • When you want to be intrepid, you need the right tools. Meet the Hunter XS Grip, our newest incarnation of the classic Hunter pocket knife in an even smarter size with an on-point orange and black design. Engineered and carefully curated for the great outdoors, the curved contours and rounded tip are specially designed for gutting game.
  • Tools
  • large blade
  • seatbelt cutter
  • corkscrew
  • key ring
  • Height 16.5 mm

    Net weight 125 g

  • Model : Hunter XS Grip 0.8331.MC9
  • Brand : Victorinox

Origin : Switzerland

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